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Offshore Lift Installation & Maintenance

Lift Installation On Oil Rigs & Offshore Enviroments

Omega Lift Services have a central management team with over 30 years’ experience delivering bespoke lift solutions to a range of offshore clients. From internal passenger lifts on ferries through to freight and cargo lifts on oil rigs, we can provide a lifecycle management solution for any environment.

We have dealt with Oil & Gas clients across the world and can fulfil contracts internationally from our Scotland location. If your needs are for installation, refurbishment or maintenance services on anything from hydraulic lifts and traction lifts on offshore oil rigs through to standby and supply boats, or shipping and passenger ferries Omega Lift Services can assist you.

If you are seeking a robust and stable service provider for lift, elevator and platforms, please feel free to get in touch.

Do you have a question?

If you are seeking advice on solutions to the installation of a lift within a listed building, please contact our experienced and friendly technical team