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FlexStep Lifts

FlexStep Wheelchair Lifts

Omega Lift Services, whilst providing a range of heavy-duty lifts in a wide range of commercial locations, recognise that there are often simple solutions to what may appear to be a complex issue.

We have partnered with the Danish lift technology manufacturer LiftUp to provide an innovative yet stylish solution for the most common problem – getting into a building.

Having installed dozens of these products across a wide range of clients, we are proud to be the exclusive provider of LiftUp products in Scotland.


LiftUp developed the FlexStep stairlift which is designed to function both as an ordinary staircase and as a wheelchair lift. The flexible product is equally useful for pedestrians and wheelchair users alike. Often space is at a premium and the time and cost savings installing a simple and innovative 2-in-1 product like FlexStep is a perfect alternative to installing both a flight of stairs and a separate lift.

The FlexStep can be fully customised to blend in with any building design. We can also offer a fixed staircase to be installed next to the FlexStep to make sure that the flow of traffic throughout the building is always possible.

Versatile Solution

FlexSteps offer a convenient solution for buildings where space is limited and accessibility is a concern. Their ability to switch between staircase and lift modes makes them a versatile and space-efficient choice for improving accessibility in a wide range of environments.

At Omega Lift Services we have a fully functioning demonstration model of the Flexstep, Please feel free to pop in anytime or contact us to see a demonstration of this innovative product in action.

Moving flexstep

FlexStep Features

The FlexStep is a type of innovative, multifunctional accessibility product that combines the features of both a staircase and a vertical platform lift.

This versatile device is designed to provide accessibility and convenience for individuals with mobility challenges, such as wheelchair users, in various settings, including public buildings, commercial spaces, and private homes. Here are the key features and characteristics of the FlexStep.

Dual Functionality

The primary feature of a FlexStep is its ability to function both as a traditional staircase and as a vertical platform lift. It can be switched between these two modes, making it adaptable to the specific accessibility needs of the user.

Staircase Mode

In the staircase mode, the FlexStep operates like a regular set of stairs, allowing individuals to ascend or descend as they would on a typical staircase. This mode is suitable for people who can use stairs independently.

Lift Mode

In the lift mode, the FlexStep transforms into a vertical platform lift. It creates a level platform with safety barriers, which can accommodate a wheelchair, scooter, or an individual with mobility challenges. This mode is ideal for those who cannot use stairs and need assistance to move between different levels.

Space-Saving Design

FlexSteps are known for their space-saving design. When not in use as a lift, the platform neatly folds into a staircase configuration, ensuring that the space remains functional for everyone.

Accessibility Compliance

These devices are designed to meet accessibility standards and regulations, including the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, to ensure safe and accessible transportation for individuals with disabilities.

Safety Features

FlexSteps are equipped with various safety features, such as safety sensors to detect obstructions, safety gates, handrails, and emergency stop buttons.

Control Options

They typically have user-friendly control interfaces that allow the user or an attendant to operate the lift safely and efficiently.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a FlexStep are designed to support the weight of a wheelchair or scooter and its occupant.

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