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Inclined Lifts

Inclined Lifts

Our inclined platform lifts boast an advanced ergonomic design, developed in collaboration with esteemed consumer associations. This partnership has led to the creation of one of the most comfortable and secure inclined platform lifts available in the market.

The user experience is enhanced with an easy-to-use joystick or optional push buttons, facilitating the safe and effortless movement of the lift up and down stairs. These features ensure minimal effort for the user, promoting both convenience and safety during operation.

Straight Incline Lift

Straight inclined platform lifts are cleverly constructed to fit smoothly with straight staircases, effectively removing obstacles in both residential and commercial environments. These systems not only boost mobility but also guarantee that each level is accessible to all individuals, no matter their physical abilities.

Built with anodised aluminium rails, these lifts boast not just strength but also a sleek aesthetic appeal. The incorporation of airtight wiring ensures safety and reliability, a paramount concern for both residential and commercial users.

Curved Incline Lift

The innovative design of curved inclined platform lifts seamlessly integrates with the intricate bends of curved staircases. Unlike traditional lifts or straight stairlifts, these lifts follow the natural contour of the staircase, ensuring a smooth and safe ascent or descent.

The bespoke nature of their design allows for customisation to fit any staircase, making them a versatile solution for both public and private spaces.Their adaptability makes them an invaluable asset in both communal and private environments, ensuring that individuals of all mobility levels can smoothly navigate multi-tiered spaces. By blending sophistication with functionality, these lifts provide a solution that is not only visually appealing but also highly effective.

Unique Rail Concept

Our inclined platform lifts unique rail concept makes it exceptionally versatile for installation on nearly any type of staircase, whether it’s straight or curved, indoors or outdoors. This adaptability ensures that the inclined platform lift can be employed in a wide range of environments.

The dual rail concept of the Supra lift is not only versatile but also robust in design. Additionally, it serves a dual purpose as a handrail, optimising the use of space while providing an extra level of support and safety. This innovative design feature enhances the functionality and practicality of the Supra lift.

Space Saving Design

The slim profile of our inclined platform lifts minimises the space they occupy on the staircase when not in use. This feature is especially advantageous for buildings with limited space, as it ensures that the staircase remains unobstructed and accessible when the lift is not in operation.

Moreover, the availability of various parking options and platform sizes further enhances their suitability for busy buildings where space is at a premium. This versatility ensures that these lifts can be efficiently integrated into a wide range of settings without causing undue space constraints.

Safety First

The safety of our customers is our highest priority. Our inclined platform lifts have been certified in compliance with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, ensuring that they meet rigorous safety standards.

These lifts are equipped with anti-impact and anti-shearing safety mechanisms, which act swiftly to bring the lift to an immediate stop if they detect any obstruction on the staircase. Additionally, for further safety adherence to European norm EN 81-40, an overload device can be added as an option, enhancing the overall safety features of these inclined platform lifts.

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