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Omega Lift Services

Scotland's capital lift company, providing all forms of lift access

Scotland's Lift Specialists

Accessibility lifts, platforms, accessible areas all delivered through solutions offered from Omega Lift Services. Considering retro-fitting lifts for both passenger and service Feel free to reach out to our service team for additional information and tailored solutions.

Commercial Installations enable easy access to all levels in your office through quality lift installation and maintenance support. Our Residential Home Lift Installations are built with new solutions for small space lifts and FlexStep platforms, quality of life transformations guaranteed.

We work closely with our suppliers and architect partners to enable smooth installation and can provide complete documentation through the build/project process

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From large to small, we have a solution to suit your needs.

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With over 20 years experience delivering installation solutions, servicing and maintaining lifts and platforms for clients across Scotland, we offer our guarantee for unrivalled quality.

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Limitless Possibilities Create Incredible Results

The FlexStep is the perfect solution to conquer split levels for all wheelchair users and walking-impaired persons in areas with minimal space. It’s the most space-saving lift on the market and at the same time it offers a design to satisfy even the most fastidious user.

The lift is fitted with lifting columns which, thanks to advanced controls, op-erate 100% synchronously, so the user feels an even and comfortable lift.

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Have any questions or need advice or inspiration installing a lift in your office, home or hotel? Get in touch below.