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Office & Commercial Lifts

Lift Installation & Maintenance for Offices, Warehouses & Commercial Buildings

We have installed and maintain many lifts for both passenger and cargo purposes across the entire business spectrum. With our experienced team of engineers and technicians providing 24 hour support for all our customers, Omega Lift Services have a proud pedigree of excellent customer service.

Case Studies

Installation of lifts into offices and commercial spaces requires a wealth of knowledge for hard-wearing and heavy-use products.

We have installed small size lifts through to multiple use lifts across the business spectrum and support over 100 customers throughout the UK, a few are listed below.

Multiple lift installation and maintenance office block in Edinburgh

Do you have a question?

Office environment lift installations need knowledge and expertise for heavy-use situations, if you are considering a new office development or need some advice or consultation on the best solution for your commercial installation, please contact our technical team.