Accessibility Lifts and Stairs

We are often requested to assess home locations where the owner or resident has a specific set of needs to ensure they are able to get around, either from level to level by the installation of a lift or even getting up to an internal level where steps are fine for able-bodied family members but are simply too much of a challenge for others.



With our relationship with LiftUp and Aritco, we can provide domestic solutions to meet any requirement, from making a small set of steps seem less of a mountain for a wheelchair user or implementing a system in a small house with a retro-fitted stairlift or internal HomeLift, we have all the knowledge, experience and suppliers available to work closely with you to deliver a solution for your needs.





Homelift installation

This video details the scope of accessibility lifts and platforms and how minimal disruption can be installing a home lift as well as reaping the benefits for accessing multiple levels


 Aritco HomeLift - the first lift ever designed for private home use

Omega Lift Services aims to make home lifts a natural part of people’s everyday lives. We believe that the definition of a modern home will change – that modern homes and contemporary living will include home lifts. Our partner, Artico's journey started 20 years ago, with the simple idea of improving mobility everywhere. Today, Aritco lifts can be found in over 30,000 buildings and private homes around the world.

Simplicity, quality and innovation are the hallmarks of all Aritco’s activities. We work them to constantly seek new ways to improve the quality, design and user-friendliness of our products, as well as our environmental impact.

Safety and reliability are top priorities, and we follow Europe’s strictest quality and safety standards.

The Aritco HomeLift comes in 5 size options all of which are narrow in mast size which makes them ideal for home installation. With optional colour choices or from a range of colour and design options, the HomeLift can blend in with your decor or stand out if you want to make a statement!

Designed with you in mind!

The carrier is the part of the lift that moves up and down when you use it. The lift is controlled from the control panel located in the middle of the DesignWall. You select the desired floor and start the lift by turning and pushing the unique SmartControl on the control panel.


The carrier is supplied with a 2000 mm high side wall called the DesignWall, which takes its name from its elegant and unique design. The DesignWall is delivered with hard-coated, scratch resistant acrylic glass with a white background as standard. It is backlit with a white LED light. It is possible to make the lift even more spectacular by customising the DesignWall with one of our specially selected patterns or images.


For more information about the Aritco HomeLife, please download the product specification brochure



Aritco 4000 a compact home lift for the home

The lift has been designed to meet all requirements for comfort, space and design. The lift is available in different sizes, with an option to personalise it with details such as glass walls, a range of varied colours and different materials. 

Several advantages offered by Aritco 4000:

  • Design, sizes and options created for a home environment
  • Minimum interventions in the house
  • 95% recyclable materials
  • 'A' rated energy consumption according to VDI4707
  • Patented screw/nut technology (no oil that can leak)
  • The lowest maintenance and operating costs on the market




Artico 4000 Data specification sheet


Artico 6000 - versatile home lift

The Aritco 6000 is a versatile home lift with great possibilities to choose different appearances and styles.

Design, sizes and options created for a home environment

  • Minimum interventions in the house
  • Option for a "half-height door" on the top floor
  • 'A' rated energy consumption according to VDI4707
  • 95% recyclable materials
  • Environmental classification by the Swedish Sunda Hus organization
  • Patented screw/nut technology (no oil that can leak)
  • The lowest maintenance and operating costs on the market


Aritco 6000 Data specification sheet